Running From Forever

Recent college graduate, Kayla Reynolds was ready to leave the university, sorority life behind. Leaving her boyfriend of over three years, she packed her bags and moved four...

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Permanent Lines

Merrick Drake. Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything. Amelia Driscoll. Amelia took Merrick by...

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Giving You Forever

From the moment Nolan Pratt walked into Alexa Arnold’s life everything was forever changed. After a year of dating, the ring was on her finger, the house was purchased, and life...

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Waiting On Forever

College. Parties, sororities and getting drunk. Oh, yeah. And learning. This may be true for most college students, but not for Leah Bennett. College life for her includes...

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Promising Forever

** Promising Forever is a continuation of The Forever Series. It is recommended that you read Planning on Forever and Waiting on Forever prior to this novella. ** After an...

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Planning On Forever

Collin and Alexa are the perfect couple; gorgeous, popular and hopelessly in love. With graduation day nearing and college life on the horizon, Collin flirts with infidelity and...

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Summer Rush

Hope Taylor is a smart Southern girl with a good head on her shoulders and a positive outlook on life. Even though things are simple and predictable, Hope is happy and content....

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HUGE Thank you & some news!

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

Hey guys!!

I’ve just been a basket case the last day and a half- since PERMANENT LINES released yesterday. Oh my word, the support I have been getting! You all are flipping amazing. I really, truly appreciate of you <3

I took a gamble with PERMANENT LINES. I stepped wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I'd never wrote a suspense novel before, and never thought I ever would, to tell you the truth. But, you wanted a Merrick book. Merrick is…complicated, so how could I write a Merrick book without being complicated? I couldn't. So, I had to push the sleeves up and get down and dirty, and that's just what PERMANENT LINES is. The fact that you guys are loving it…GOSH, it's such a relief!

Here's the purchase links if you haven't purchased it yet- it's ONLY $2.99:


*Barnes and Noble*


Oh! And I mentioned there was some news…

Don’t ask me a date (I am having a baby in 2 months so that’s going to slow things down a bit), because I have no clue yet, but Amelia is getting a book!!! I haven’t decided if it’s going to be a full length or a novella- I just have to see where the story takes me, but it WILL be a prequel to Permanent Lines, titled, PERMANENT SCARS. So, what can you expect- her’s and Antonio’s relationship, when things went south with it, and up to her weekend with Merrick.

I’m super excited about this book. I can’t wait to finish Summer Rush’s rewrite to start it. So look for more information about PERMANENT SCARS in the coming months ;)

But, thank you such much again!! I really could just say it all day. I <3 you all, big time!!!

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