Gynecomastia Exercises – 3 Chest Workout for Building a Bigger Pectoral Muscles

There are many Gynecomastia exercises to reduce man boobs and build a bigger and strong pectoral muscle. Well, we’ve done some research and write down the 3 best workouts for the upper body.

Why only 3 Gynecomastia exercises?

All of these exercises based on the research in 14 trained men with age ranges between 19-30yrs. The study aims to find out what is the most effective exercises for tightening and strengthening the clavicular and sternal muscles.

In this case, they collected data from 7 popular chest exercises, including…

  1. Barbell bench press
  2. Bent-forward cable crossovers
  3. Pec deck
  4. Seated chest press
  5. Incline dumbbell flys
  6. Dips, and
  7. Push-ups

Each subject has an EMG electrode in the main pectoral muscle section. The goal is to analyze the movement synchronization and calorie burning rate. And most importantly, to find out the type of exercise that involves the highest activity of the pectoral muscles.

chest muscle anatomy

The Results

From the 7 types of exercises above, it was concluded the barbell bench press exercise impact 100% more active involving the pectoralis major. Furthermore, pec decks consuming about 98% muscle activation and 93% through bent-forward cable crossover training.

What about the rest exercises? Does it mean less effective?

The last four exercises were not continued as it might be considered relying on weight for resistance.

However, the results are still recorded. 79% for chest press, 69% for each incline dumbbell flys and dips training.

Among all the above experiments, push-up exercises only produce a small amount of pectoral muscle activity, between 61% -63%.

The researchers also assumed, even though push-up weights were added, still the results were not optimal. Because it takes twice as many to equal the results of the top three exercises.

most effective chest exercises to reduce man boobs

Now I hope you realize the types of exercise to reduce man boobs and build chest muscle fast

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Without wasting time, it’s time to try the next level of chest exercises to build “the badas$” upper body and reduce man boobs permanently…

On average, the reps you’ll need to maximize muscle size is 8-12 reps per set and take 1 – 2 minutes rest periods

1. Barbell Bench Press

The benefits

  • Help to increase your chest muscles strength
  • Build a bigger pectoral major and stronger Pec minor (Clavicular and Sternal)
  • Carving your Serratus Anterior muscle
  • Insane triceps power

barbell bench press

2. Pec Deck

Effective to boost strength and muscle mass growth in the chest, mostly your pectoralis major.

The body becomes stronger and your shoulder blades more stable. In addition, during the recovery period, your serratus anterior will active. Thus, this can help shoulder strengthening and maximize your exercises.

reduce man boobs with pec deck exercises
3. Bent forward Cable Crossovers

The height of the pulley can be adjusted. But try stabilized your arms and body. This actually useful when you trying to use the shoulders during training. Thus chest contractions can be maximized in each repetition.

bent-forward cable crossovers exercises

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